One of the most important theoretical bases in any branches of humanities is the anthropological foundations. In the social sciences, such as psychology and consultation, the Kind of attitude towards human and his  also characteristics also determines many of the rules and regulations. The present study, conducted in a descriptive and analytical method, is seeking to find the role of anthropological foundations with an Islamic attitude in tenets, techniques and methods of consultation.

The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between the five personality traits and emotional intelligence and academic achievement. The study was conducted through The NEO-FFI questionnaire and Bar-on questionnaire using cluster sampling of 450 male students of seminaries at level 1(the second to sixth grade) in Tehran in the academic year 2014-2015. To measure the academic achievement of students, their averages in the final three semesters were evaluated.

This study examines the relationship between computer games and the Islamic lifestyle of teenagers. Computer games as one of the most popular recreational tools for people, especially for children, attract most of teenagers many hours free from the real world. Considering the influence of this modern media, its nature of interaction and its positive and negative consequence will be remarkable. On the one hand, ‘lifestyle’ is related to all aspects of people's lives, and it is so effective.

The effectiveness of optimism training on depression and life satisfaction in women on the verge of divorce in Qom.

Understanding the factors that contribute to academic achievement and prevent academic failure would be of special importance.

In this study, the attitudes of students to the mate selection criteria in the Qom Province are investigated, and these criteria are compared with the Islamic criteria for a good mate. The main question in this study is what similarities and differences there are between the attitudes of students in the Qom Province to the mate selection criteria and the attitude of Islam to them.

Family, its strength, and the compatibility and peace between couples are the subjects to which have been paid much attention by the Holy Quran and the Infallibles, because having a health, and peaceful family, and a family without conflict is the aims of marriage. To achieve these aims, we should know the obstacles to them. Knowing the nonverbal communication skills between couples is one of the major steps to achieve these aims.