Entertainment in free time is performed with the objectives of rest, refreshment, recreation, adding variety and hobbies, developing personal abilities, and personal and social prosperity. Entertainment in the life style of the modern man is of importance, but it is with challenges. Among the most important challenges is outlining the status of entertainment in the life style of the modern man.  Taking the Islamic teachings in consideration, this study has been done to solve this challenge.

One of the key areas of human life on which the basis of society depends is the system of family. The couples’ interaction with their relatives is among the important grounds for the marital disagreements and divorce in religious families. In this interaction, some ethical challenges which lead to disorders in their marriages arise. This study examines the ethical challenges of the couples in urban religious middle class families in the interaction with their close relatives and the effective solutions to resolve them from the Islamic point of view.

Reaching the coast of spiritual peace and quiet through spiritual vicissitudes has always been one of human's wishes. He has suffered many pains to achieve that goal so that he may wear the dress of quiet and consent. In that path, there have been many profiteers who have presented false forms of spirituality and deceived spirituality-seeking Muslims, misguiding them with their fake mysticism which not only does not quench those Muslims' thirst for truth but also drives them to great moral and doctrinal challenges getting them miles away from true path of spirituality and even opposing it.